Energies of the now 2018/01/21

I have been asked by a few if there is something going on (energetically speaking).  After a couple of days I feel ready to answer this for those that have asked.

Feelings of unrest and uncertainty… There seems to be a sense of trepidation and fear of what might be about to happen, a sense that the ‘I’ wants to ensure everything is in good order and a state of preparedness for what is about to come…. The problem is the question (What if anything is about to happen? And do I need to do anything about it?)  Whilst the answer might be an obvious yes, it also comes with it’s own landscape of understanding for where we are as individuals on our personal journeys/paths depending on how we view it.

For those on the high-speed awakening train the 3rd eye has become very active, sight has suddenly become clearer in the last few weeks and the egoic ‘I’ is having a field day playing the fear game!  There is no doubt that for some out there, there is the need to clear out their attic of cobwebs as quickly as possibly and even though it seems you are doing it at speed, the other ‘I’ within is nudging, no shoving us to be faster and to clear quicker as if time is running out (and yes many of us have heard this before but for some the journey is just beginning as it does for all of us at some point). 
This is when it is crucially important to connect with elders, guides and seers to assist in the navigation and also sometimes to help us to slow down the bullet train and ask for a little time – we are human after all this time around 😊 and time is something we created to assist us, it is important to remind both ourselves and our guides that this is the case especially as they reside outside of time.  So moving on

A little about how energies attract – Exploring the fear element and lower vibrations

It is without doubt that there is a multitude of reports in the press and in general conversation building on fear and steering us towards an uncertain future and whilst we may think we can not do anything about it. 
Energy attracts at the lowest vibration and as such maintaining a higher vibration can be very hard depending on the environment, it is in these arenas that we must as much as possible surround ourselves with higher vibrations – positivity/ laughter/enlightened conversations and of course positive sounds.  Practice flipping the energies and being hyper vigilant for every time we allow ourselves to connect with the negative streams of consciousness we inadvertently continue the cycle and feed into the negative streams thus making it harder to get ourselves and those around us out of it.  Just think about your thoughts the next time you walk into a room full of people and watch where the energy is collecting.

So what to do – I think maybe the most important piece of information and advice I can give at this time is to trust in your gut instinct, if you get the feeling something is out of sorts (energetically speaking or otherwise) then listen to it go and find out what’s happening and become even more aware of the behaviour of the ‘ego’.  Check in with your thoughts but remember DO NOT OVER ANAYLIS 😊

So to wrap it up, yes things are most definitely moving and a sense of flux is currently in the air, for those of us that have ridden the waves before it does get a little easier, if only because you can see the signs and portents and prepare oneself for the incoming a little better. 

For those of you that have found your way to this information and feel it resonating then you may be interested in some of the other work that I do which assists those both starting out and those in need of a recharge and a reconnection just click on this Soul Coach link to find out more and feel free to send me an email

Useful Links and clarification on words

‘Ego’ – I have uses the term ‘ego’ to speak of the internal voice that brings doubt and says we are silly or confirms the more negative thought streams as opposed to assisting us.  Make no mistake our personal egoic voice is a cunning and crafty individual . . . After all it knows us better than anyone.  This is not to discount the positive aspects of our egoic voice that can be of great benefit too.

A very useful link – For those of you unaware of Kaypacha he is a great source of information on the energies of the moment (he’s also really funny). Always a good place to go just to check in on the overall astrological what’s going on sort of thing.  (He releases a weekly report Pele Report, here is the latest one, which at the time of writing I have not seen.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kh3_l2qyz4g

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