Soul Speak – Exploring the Abyss – A journey into the known of the unknown

A coming together of souls on the path of remembering

A collective to expand and ask a hidden question

For some time now, I have been inspired to create and hold space for a collective of souls that would like to come together and expand their awareness of themselves and the universe. 

A place where any question can be asked,
A place that is safe from ridicule,
A place that supports growth in whatever form it take.

For those of you that have been to my workshops, I have been mentioning it for quite some time and have always wondered what it would look like, where, when and what individuals would be drawn to it.  Well to put it simply the universe has told me to stop procrastinating and just do something. Create the space and they will come

This is me doing something 😊,

The groups will be for a maximum of 8 individuals per group and run for approximately 2 hours every week.  Each session will start with a meditation to set space and intention and to tap into the energies of the moment. We shall connect via Zoom

I will be holding two virtual classes to enable individuals to connect from all over the world.  Below is further information and any pre-requisites for the groups

Exploring the Abyss

Before going on to the next group structure, I thought it necessary to share some of my process. 

All through time you have had the following titles used;

Beginner / Intermediate / Advance / Apprenticeship and Master courses. 

And whilst feeling around these titles and knowing that they have their place, here it is not and for the expansive group I have been called to form I really wanted to capture the essence of the true calling I have had for so many years, eventually I got to the following name.

Exploring the Abyss – A journey into the known of the unknown

So what is it all about and why do I feel able to create such a course, those of you reading this that have done 1to1 work with myself will understand, for those that have not or have found there way to my page via recommendation or even guided by source then I offer you this information.

If you have been on the path for most of your life or lives and please, please be aware that age has nothing to do with this question or statement.

If you feel like you keep coming back, you keep missing something, that something either holds you back or that in some strange way you hold yourself back – Then connect with me.

If you have a sense that you remember things that you dare not share with anyone for fear that they will think you truly have lost it – Then connect with me

If you have been to advance classes of spirituality, be it mediumship/psychic development or any other form and left with a feeling that you have either learnt nothing or more to the point, that you knew it and somehow feel that you just got to re-remember – Then connect with me.

If you know your hidden name and have no idea what to do with it – Yep you guessed it 😊

So I can not go into how I work on a web page or for that matter sometimes in person as the guides do not always allow the recipient to know.  What I do and can do however is guide and teach in a very unique way and a way that will quite possibly challenge you to your core.  I have journeyed relentlessly with my ego over the years and today I have a very, very powerful spiritual family who will be more than happy to tell me if I trip up in any way.

I am a servant of sound and the universe and I am the bridge

So here is my invitation, if you want to Explore the Abyss, to enter into a discussion that will challenge the fabric of how your world is perceived, then I would be honoured to facilitate and journey with all of you, who-ever you are.

This in its most basic form is a bringing together of one of the oldest tribes in the universe, I am both nervous and extremely excited to be able to create this.

6 weeks on
1 week off
Cost £90 per block

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