Gong Bath therapy and Holistic Healing

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To create a Gong album, one first needs the seed intention, so that the Gong master might invite the sounds of the universe to be played through them.

5 years after my journey of recording the Gongs started for people to take away with them and a new era begins.

I have gone back and remastered the first four albums with new editing software and a more refined ear (I hope). All are now available for download as CD’s become consigned to the history books just as betamax and VHS.

  • Cosmosis – Originally recorded in 2008 on a Revox reel to reel recorder and left in it’s original state, captures the essence of the infinitesimal to the infinite
  • Portal originally recorded in 2012 and remastered in 2014 was birthed with the idea that we can use the Gongs to journey into our Hearts and listen to it song and messages to us.
  • The Abyss recorded in 2013 and remaster in 2017, had for its seed intention, helping us through the challenges – taking us through the eye of the needle and out the other side
  • Gong Naps also recorded in 2013 and remastered in 2017 is a selection of four 11 minute tracks which can be listened to individually or as a complete Gong Bath experience


I hope to have more new and relaxing sounds for you this year and the latest album Chakra Balancing (2017) is the first of these.

As with all the albums you will find here, this is the base intention and if you are working with your own intention then please hold that focus in your minds eye as the flutes and Gongs begin to play.

What can I expect from a Gong Album?

  • The Gong creates a holistic field of resonance that is felt throughout the body and is heard with every cell, not just the ears, having the effect of allowing the body to attain a deep state of rest and relaxation without any conscious thought.  Whilst in this state the body has the ability to heal, rejuvenate and remember its original blueprint.  As I say to many people it is here that the magic happens

A cautionary note

  • Please do not play this in a car or operating heavy machinery – The sole purpose of the Gong is to get us to stop doing and it can be very effective


I thank you and am honoured that you choose to listen to my albums and my only wish is that you find them of benefit – Sonic Blessings Olaf


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