I have been working with Sound and Energy in a variety of ways for 15 years. My way of working is completely intuitive and directed by Spirit in co-creation with the person I am with. The intention of the session comes from you and what you want to achieve. My intention is to create a safe environment where we can work together for your highest outcome.

I work with complete integrity and sensitivity using a variety of tools such as the voice, the Gong and crystals. I welcome any questions that you may have, so please call if you want to know more or would like to book a session.

Gong Bath One to One Sessions – £125 for c. 1-hour session in your own home

Private Gong Bath therapy sessions are tailored to your individual healing needs.  The resonant field of the Gongs allows for the softening of the ego-mind allowing you to drop into a deeply relaxed, rejuvenating journey back to self and wholeness.  Each session begins with a discussion to clarify your desired outcome and intention so we can identify the areas which will benefit from the ocean of healing sound waves and layers of loving tones made by the Gongs.  The Gong playing commences with this intention in mind and flows intuitively in alignment with your needs as the session evolves.  Every session ends with a review of the changes that took place within the body, mind and spirit.

Soul Coaching and counselling Sessions – £60 per hour

A coaching session connecting you with your soul, combining Spirit-led dialogue with the resonant healing power of the voice when required.  The session can either be a one-off or an initial session depending on you and your needs as they unfold.  The session starts from a point of open discussion to illuminate where you are in life, where you want to be and to bring forward anything that is holding you back (such as any blocks from repeating patterns, imbalances or resistance to change) from being in greater alignment with your true self.

Other Services

Group Gong Baths (within Northampton) – £150

Group Gong Baths (outside Northampton) – £250 plus mileage over a 30 mins travel radius. Please contact for more details.

Corporate Sound Experience Events – £500 plus travel expenses and accommodation if required. Please contact for more information and your requirements.

Community Group Gong Baths (within Northampton) – £100

Community Group Gong Baths (outside Northampton) – £150 plus mileage

Sound Workshops day rate (tailor made to your requirements – 1 day) – £450 plus mileage and accommodation if required

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If you would like to book an individual or group session you can use the form below

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