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What is Feng Shui for Health and how does it work?

We spend on average a third of our life in bed and sleeping, it therefore goes without saying that sleep is an essential part of our healing and rejuvenative process.

Lying in the correct direction, influences the magnetic fields around us and effectively assists in recharging the human body.

A home visit will take no more than 30 mins and includes the following

An overview of items that could be disrupting your sleep patterns in your house and others that live there

What you get from a home visit

  • A Print out showing your optimal direction of sleep
  • Other beneficial directions of sleep
  • How to deflect negative energies coming towards your bed
  • Know what items could be causing you distress and what to do to negate them

A Feng Shui for health consultation home visit will show you your optimal sleeping position and also what if anything may be causing a disruptive influence to your sleep and how it may be manifesting.

Home visits are for within the Northampton area.  If you live anywhere else you can still benefit from this service by providing a sketched layout of your home.

Since changing my position I have slept better and felt more refreshed. 

When placing your order please include your Date of birth in the order notes section

** Feng Shui for Health can be accessed wherever you are in the world **




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