10 Week Gong Intensive starting June 2014

Our teacher Grand Gong Master, Don Conreaux says that for ‘every 10 Gong Baths that you receive there will be a shift in your consciousness.’

This is the inspiration for offering the 10 Week Gong Intensive.

If you know you resonate with the Gong and you know at the core of your being that this is what you need to move into your next level of consciousness then this may be the adventure your soul is yearning for.

The intensive will consist of one Gong Bath every week for 10 weeks.  We will be asking you to focus your awareness on why your soul has brought you and to work with a well defined intention for each of your sessions.  There will be ongoing available support if required and an opportunity to share with the group if it feels right to do so.

This will be a closed group with a commitment to attend the full 10 sessions.  Maximum of 8 spaces available.  Newcomers to the Gong welcome.


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