A question about geometric patterns, sound and healing


I was asked the question of what is the correlation between the geometric pattern and healing in a video that was shared via Sacred Sounds see video above?

I thought it best to give its own space for an answer so here you go…

Now whilst I am not a scientist, I have a very unique understanding of how sound, harmonics and resonance affects the body, this is due in part to research I have done over the years as a servant of sound and also based on what I see with my gift and the research of those who do study the science in depth..  This is my answer and it is my perspective, enjoy.

Firstly some context for those unaware of the science of Cymatics, it has two definitions (Collins English Dictionary definition)

  1. The study of wave phenomena, especially sound and their visual representations
  2. A therapy in which sound waves are directed at the body with the aim of promoting health

Originally coined by Hans Jenny (1904-1972), there is much research that has gained interest and study over the years with technology now being able to show us some truly amazing images as a result.

As you watch the video you will see that the first image appears at around 345hz which is known to be at the top end of the spiritual frequencies originally discovered by Bruce Tainio in 1992, these I believe go far far higher.

What we are seeing is therefore merely a physical representation of form, that through the science of Cymatics we can then see with the human eye and thus allow our brains to interpret.

In one sense of the word it is simply that science is catching up with what intuitives /mediums /psychics etc have known throughout history but never really needed to know.

As humans on the human journey we have an overwhelming desire to categorise / understand and file in its respective box and cabinet, that which we both understand, and that we do not understand.  Cymatics is one such bridge enabling those with curiosity to make the step between the two and so expand awareness on multiple levels.

To gain a full understanding as to what each resonant tone and pattern is for, one would need to meditate on each image whilst also possibly listening to the tone, that way the body would be able  to match and combine the two, our left and right brains would then start communicating to each other and fill in the gaps.  This is much the same way that beginners study the tarot and also advanced students of the craft, by spending a day or longer meditating on each card so that it’s meaning, in it’s unique way can be understood by the individual.  This is in part due to the fact that every individual has a unique way of interpreting information and why sometimes we find it hard to make the correlation of understanding in certain subject matter.

Another form of such research was done by Masaru Emoto (1943-2014) and the study on consciousness and intent and the visual representation in water.

So coming back to the correlation between geometric patterns and healing and why the pitch of sound has anything to do with it, ask yourself the following questions

  1. Do different sounds illicit different responses in you?
  2. Do those same sounds affect different people differently
  3. Can sound harm
  4. Can sound heal

Regardless of how you answer the questions, there comes a point when resonant frequencies produce healing tones, the Gongs being one such instrument that with prolonged playing holistic healing tones are produced.  This is why they are such a powerful healing tool, and why also when you attain a certain frequency geometric patterns appear but more importantly if you allow it healing occurs.

As mentioned at the start, this is my opinion and is based on my work over the decades with sound, there are many out there that specialise in various fields and I am sure questions will be raised.  If it is constructive and I have time I will answer.

Enjoy the Sun, wherever you  are in the world

Sonic Blessings to all

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